Compatible with Android, Blackberry, iPhone and more

FortisMail mail server provides out-of-the-box sync support for most mobile devices on the market, includingBlackBerry; Google Android; iPad and iPhone; Motorola; Nokia; HP; and Windows Phones.



Exchange ActiveSync for industry standard synchronization

Syncing FortisMail with most smartphones is quick, easy and automatic with Exchange ActiveSync. The Exchange ActiveSync add-on is the only synchronization method that usesdirect push technology to ensure changes in email and collaboration items are automatically recorded in both Fortismail Server and the mobile device in real time.

Anti-spam and Anti-Virus Protection


All of FortisMail's accounts includes our

Anti-Spam and Anti-virus filtering services.


FortisMail's Anti-Spam and Anti-virus services are provided as an
offsite, front end,  Anti-Spam and Anti-virus detection and cleaning service that is done before the email gets to your inbox.

Your email comes to our servers, we filter for  spam and block the viruses, and let the good email  go to your inbox.
No software to install on your server or your users' computers.

FortisMail's Anti-Spam and Anti-virus filtering is also available as a separate service. As this service is accomplished at the domain level we can provide your company with best-in-class Anti-Spam and Anti-virus protection .
We provide this service based on the size of your organization and the number of users.
Our base package starts at just 10 e-mail addresses and is only $22.50 Per Month


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