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MDC Encrypted E-Mail Services 

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Information is vital for the growth and profitability of any company. But protecting that information has become more problematic as the digital age has brought with it a new set of threats.These threats are real and they are happening daily.

No one is immune from data loss, no matter the size of the company or even individual, data loss is a serious matter and it is on the rise.

The real problem comes when you realize that standard email such as Hotmail,Yahoo, Gmail and the like, is the largest means of moving data!

This is a problem because standard email is also the most insecure  and most vulnerable way to move data.

Hacking into an email is surprising easy and is being done worldwide. You can even go on line and learn how to do it in just a few minutes

If a business or a person fails to protect their information the consequences can be substantial both financially and reputationally. We should understand and react properly to this very real threat to our data.This is where Encrypted Email comes in.

First lets understand what encrypted email is: Click Here

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