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We are seeing issues with some not being able to see our email login page via the https://message.fortismail.us address. This is an upstream DNS issue failing to resolve the domain name (message.fortismail.us) to our server. In other words; it cannot find the exit of the internet super-highway to our email server. As a temporary workaround, while we work with the powers that control such things, please try using this link -

It should get you into your email until we can get the responsible parties to fix their stuff. 

Thank you and we are sorry for the inconvenience, but they don't call it "a web" for nothing. ;)

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Respond quicker with follow-up flagging

With the sheer number of messages users receive daily, it can be easy to forget to respond to an important email from a client, friend, or family member. FortisMail lowers this risk with the ability to mark emails for follow-up, ensuring that important emails can be identified at a glance.



Find Attachments easily

all-attachments-viewOver time, it can be difficult to find a file that you received from a contact or sent in a message.The attachments view makes searching for a file hassle-free by displaying all incoming and outgoing messages with attachments in a single




Multiple accounts Supports Multiple Addresses

Use FortisMail to manage multiple email accounts.

Users can send and receive messages from any POP, IMAP and SMTP email accounts and configure different signatures to use with each account.




Supports Multiple Signaturesmulti_signatures

Use FortisMail to manage multiple Signatures for your 

email accounts.




Auto-complete addressing 
autofillBecause most users send email to the same recipients, FortisMail  automatically pulls email addresses from sent messages, contacts lists, aliases, mailing lists and the Global Address List (GAL) and uses them to auto-complete the To, Cc and Bcc fields of new  messages and appointment invitations.



Link Tasks to E-mails
Because email exchanges often result in new tasks, FortisMail Link task to emailsincludes the ability to link a message to a task. By linking emails and tasks together, users can ensure relevant communications regarding a task are always easily accessible and available.




 SSL Secure Cloud based File Storage

with Public Sharing
Users can upload files to their own FortisMail Data Storage mailbox and then have the ability to securely share files with the public or with specific people. 

You can easily send files of all sizes to friends, family and business associates. By uploading files to the server and sharing them through public links, users will never have to worry that a file is too large.

With the benefit of being able to password protect the file, combined with the fact that all of Fortismail's communication is done on an SSL connection, you can share sensitive documents with others without the worries that are associated with emailing a document.


Shared Files Options Window

data file share



Automatic Active Links
clickable-addressEmailing a contact, mapping an address or adding an email address to your contacts list has never been easier. FortisMail's Active Link feature turns addresses, phone numbers and email addresses into links for click-to-map, click-to-call and click-to-mail functionality.  


Comprehensive search indexing
searchingWith FortisMail’s search capabilities, users can find any message, appointment, attachment, contact, task or note with just one click.


The intuitive system uses the latest indexing technologies which results in increased speed of the search results.



Easily migrate mailboxes from Gmail, Live Mail, iMail, Zimbra and more
With FortisMail's built-in mailbox migration tool, new users can easily transfer their email and collaboration items from another provider to their new mailbox. With its easy-to-understand instructions, the mailbox migration tool guides users through these tasks without help from the administrator.






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